is now FREE

Yes, you read the title correctly. Since we’re still a new product on the market and we have a lot to learn, we decided to make it fully free. All benefits of the previously unlimited plan, including unlimited users are now available for everyone, and they will stay like this for the users who are registering in this period.

What are the features included?

All of them that we developed so far. Here’s a short list of them:

  • Time tracking – Manual and automatic via the counter
  • Invoicing
  • Unlimited users

How long will this last?

Unfortunately we cannot say how long this offer will be available. Our plan is to keep it like this until we create a strong base of satisfied users to validate our product. This means that in the meantime we will also develop all the features our product needs in order to satisfy as many customers as possible.

If I register now for all of the features for free, will I always have all these features?

Yes! All the features that you get on your registration will remain available to your user permanently! We do not take away things from our users for no reason. That will be unfair and wrong. If we will get back to the paid subscriptions the current users will keep their privileges permanently.

However once we will go back to paid plans, any new feature that will be implemented aftewards (so not available to you now) might be available only for paid subscriptions. But this will depend a lot on the feature as we can as easily decide to give it to everybody.


It’s simple. We realized that our only chance to beat our current competitors is to put our clients first. Since we are the new kid around the block, we still need to grow a large base of loyal users that will help us to provide the best possible services.

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