5 Cheapest Time Tracking Solutions

Recently all of the companies started to integrate time tracking softwares in their workflow as they saw a way of better managing their time resources and make the billing easier using this type of tool.

However the price for a time tracking software can range a lot based on the features that the software offers. In this article I will list my top 5 cheapest time tracking softwares that I found on the market. Let’s begin 😀

1. BillTime.io

Price range: 0-99$ (unlimited users)

BillTime.io it’s a simple and easy to use time tracking and invoicing software. The way it was designed it’s to keep things simple and to focus on the important things that it can offer, which are time tracking and invocing.

The software offers automatic and manual time tracking, associating the time to different projects or tasks and filtering and exporting time reports according to your needs. Also all of the time records can be marked as billed or not.

On the invoicing side the software offers a easy and fast way to bill either the existing time records from the software, or just making a whole new invoice separated from all the times. This way it offers a flexible and easy way for everyone to create new invoices for their company.

All of these features come with a price range from 0$ to 99$. What makes this solution in my opinion the cheapest is that it does not perceive a cost per user as some of the other time tracking tools out there are. The highest plan, the one for 99$ includes unlimited number of users and all of the features offered by the tool for all of them!

The only disadvantage on this time tracker is that being a more recent one, it does not have some of the features such as idle time tracking or integrations with different 3rd party services.

2. TimeCamp

Price range: 0-7.5$ (per user per year)

TimeCamp comes with a nice app that offers a good solution for tracking the time of the employees. They also allow tags on each of the time recods and pdf exports, all of these just on the free plan.

For the billing however, your organization must get a paid plan that will cost 5.25$ per user per month. The billing method of billing people per users it’s what makes this software fall on the second place in this list.

3. Clockify

Price range: 0-12$ (per user per year)

Clockify it’s a big giant on the market having a lot of users. This software just like billtime.io, comes with a free plan that offers the following features:

  • Unlimited tracking
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited reports
  • Apps and integrations
  • Support
  • API

All of these features are really good and it helps a lot on the time tracking part. However what I didn’t like was that I cannot bill my time with just the free plan and for that I do need to pay 5.49$ per user per year.

4. Toggl

Price range: 0-18$ per user per year

Toggl it’s another time tracker that existed on the market for a long period of time and so it managed to gain a lot of new features according to their user’s needs. The coolest thing about this time tracker is that it comes with over 100 integrations and also with an idle detection time tracker.

However, similarly to clockify, billing the added time can be done only by buying a paid plan, that costs 9$ per user per month. This makes it quite expensive in my opinion, even though it does offer some nice features.

5. Time Doctor

Price range: 7-20$ per user per month

Compared with the previous time tracking softwares in the list, Time Doctor it’s definetly on the more expensive softwares spectrum. They do not offer a free plan of their tool but they do offer however a 14 days free trial for all of their existing plans.

Similarly with Clockify and Toggl, the first plan, the basic one, does not offer invoicing, and to get this feature as well you’ll need to pay at least 10$ per user per month.

One of the cool features of this time tracker is however that it does take screenshots while tracking the time of the users, which may be better or worse, depending on your goals.


This is in my opinion my list with the cheapest time tracking software that there are on the market. I really believe that the billing of the plans per users, while it may help smaller companies, it might lead to bigger costs overall. BillTime.io it’s winning in this list as the first paid plan is 4.99$ and it offers all of the tool’s features for just one user. If you do need more users however, you can just buy a higher plan, and the bigger the plan the less you will pay for each of your users. Also if you do buy the most expensive plan it does cover up all of the possible extra costs you may have by using other softwares.

What time tracking softwares do you use that you think they might fit in this list? Please leave a comment so we can start debating!

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