Best Tools To Run A Business Online

If you’re a small entrepreneur or you’re just getting started with your new business idea, you need to know from the start that there are a few tools out there that might help you be more productive or keep track of your progress easier. These tools may or may not be necessary according to your business type as well, so you should filter out the things that may not apply to your field.

1. Task Managment Softwares

In most fields of online work you will probably have multiple projects that you and your team will tackle. Each of these projects will have multiple tasks that need to be done every day. As these tasks may change while time passes, you may feel a need to better organize the way you assign these tasks to different team members, and how you keep track of them.

That’s what lead to a market of task managment softwares, softwares that allow you to do just that. They allow creating multiple projects, giving access to them to different team members, creating tasks, assigning team members to them and setting up a deadline.

There are multiple softwares like these such as Asana or Trello.

2. Time Tracking Softwares

In some fields you might bill your clients by hour. This billing method requires you to keep track of the time you and your team are spending on each task and then billing it accordingly. You may decide that the time of some of the members of your team it’s worth more or less, depending on their title and their experience.

A time tracking software should be a tool that makes this whole process easier by storing all of the time records in a database and allowing filtering and exporting of the data, as well as generation of new invoices.

Some of the popular time tracking softwares include Harvest and Clockify, but we came up with our own product which you can test for free at

3. Analytics Softwares

If your business relies on a website that converts visits into profit, you might want to use an analytics software so that you will easily get reports of what type of users are visiting your website and what are they doing there.

The most popular software for this is of course the free tool offered by google, called Google Analytics. While this is suficient you might want to also use Google Tag Manager (to create events and tags easier, without coding knowledge) and Google Optimize for running A/B tests.

4. SEO Tools

SEO or search engine optimization is a cornerstone of getting traffic on your website. If you don’t have huge budgets to pay for ads or you just don’t want to spend money that way, SEO is the best way of promoting your business online.

While there’s a lot to learn about SEO such as how to improve your in-page seo, as well as the out of the page SEO (mostly backlinks), there are a lot of tools that might increase your chances in doing things right.

One underrated and good SEO tool that I like is Google Search Console, which allows you to submit your website and your sitemaps to Google, as well as showing a report about the number of pages indexed by google, their average position, number of impresions, number of clicks and so on.

5. Customer Support Softwares

For some type of business, being able to chat directly with the customer through the website might be necessary. Also in some situations you may want to use a service just to send emails to your users in a easier way, without coding a whole script for that.

This need can be satisfied by softwares such as Crisp, HelpScout and Customer.Io

6. Affiliate Marketing Softwares

Affiliate marketing it’s allowing other websites to link to your products from your website, while you pay a perecentage of all the sales made from the traffic from them. Bassically it’s a win-win scheme, where you get more traffic and clients while the affiliates receive money for the sales they lead to.

One tool that helps with affiliate marketing is Impact

Our list ends here but we will try to update it as much as possible in the future with all of the new tools that will make an impact on the market. If you know any other softwares that are worth being mentioned in this list, please leave a comment bellow, and we will make it happen!

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