Newest tools that you didn’t know about, that will make your online work easier in 2021

new tools


It is a time tracking and invoicing software that will allow you to measure your own time spent on each project or monitor the working time of your team members and analyze the progress made in a long term. This tool also allows you to easily create invoices that can be sent directly to the customer. Thanks to this, this tool is suitable for the work of freelancers, small enterprises as well as large corporations with hundreds of employees. It is a completely new tool, created by a young entrepreneur from Romania who is passionate about new IT technologies. Another advantage is that it’s basic version is completely free of charge, which is more than enough for beginners! Additionally it offers very low prices for advanced options of the tool as well and the possibility to try it in the full version for 14 days for free, without any obligations!

2. Nectar

It’s a software that allows recognition, bonuses, wellness challenges, awards and many other ways of showing appreciation to your employees online. It can be especially helpful during challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic and help keep morale up in your team. The other advantages are connecting with other commonly used tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams and having a free tier to try out and not only paid plans!

3. is a very interesting tool that is rather still uncommonly used in work environments. This tool offers creating automated notes that come with summary keywords, highlights, and full audio transcripts of all your work meetings! It helps to remember what was discussed in the meeting, what challenges and problems were identified and it allows employees to easily come back to the information or directions given to them during the meeting. What is more, among premium plans there is also a free version to try first! It is certainly an innovative tool and can make everyone’s work easier. It is especially beneficial for employees whose managers like to speak with a lot of passion, but can maybe get a bit chaotic 😉

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