How To Stay Motivated As A Freelancer

If you find it hard to find motivation to work, now that you are solely responsible for it, this text is for you! Firstly, the most important thing for you to know is just not to give up, each new situation in life is a challenge in the beginning, but over time this new life becomes a routine that is way easier to conquer! If you are interested in this topic take a look at these 4 tips that will make your life easier.

  1. Make your bed. Really, it is that simple to start your day with the right attitude. This will help you stay out of bed during the day and force you to work at your desk. Especially working from home can adversely affect your work-life balance, as there is no clear boundary between work environment and home, where you relax. That is why it is so important to create a space that is used solely for leisure and other spaces only for work.
  2. Make use of modern IT tools. Using Excel, Skype and E-mail as the only tools may be working for you now, but you can definitely do better! You should be trying the newest tools available and find the ones that suit your needs best! As an example, a few that are just entering the market are: Taagly, and ClickMeeting.
    Taagly is a program that offers the entire workspace for your team, from projects to daily communication. is a complete novelty on the market, it offers the service of measuring your and your team’s work time. It also allows you to easily track progress as well as to effortlessly create new invoices for your customers based on the previously tracked hours.
    Finally last but not least, ClickMeeting, which is a platform that is perfect for organizing your webinars and videoconferences.
  3. Act as if you are still normally going to work every day! Even though there is no typical work environment or no boss who keeps an eye on all the deadlines, you are still able to work using your potential to the fullest! Set your alarm to the same time when you were employed full-time, dress neatly and do not skip your morning routine! It is important to keep the same mindset and habits as before, in order to mentally set yourself up for a productive day!
  4. Set reasonable deadlines and track your progress. Make sure you don’t impose unattainable requirements on yourself, but also you cannot allow repeated delays and daily procrastination. Try to be as consistent as you possibly can. Again, there are plenty of tools that are there to help you, including previously mentioned, that is waiting for you, ready to be used completely free of charge!

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